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The Older Spouse Understanding the Younger Spouse (HELP!!!)

Overall, this is more a question than it is an expression, thought or conclusion regarding the fact of the matter as it is written. I would not have put it forward on this platform, if I were not committed to offering some type of experience of my own, which is the reason why I do because I'm struggling with this reasoning, or answer I have no idea of. What's first important to know in order to come to any conclusion or variation of senses; is the age factor dealt with, where in various ideal relationships there would be no issue considering the age, whether 5yrs, 10yrs or even 15yrs, as opposed to the unique relationship between 2 consensual individuals who happen to be madly in love with each other however who are 30yrs apart. Feel me? We're talking about something that is generational. Agreed?

It's a complete "twilight zone", if you know what I mean, because ultimately two different languages are being spoken other than how much I love you, or about how you make me feel, or even the fantastic love we make, all being unconditional; whereas on the other side of communicating, or when communicating and agreeing on very important issues, it can get pretty depressing and self-defeating, where sometimes doubt creeps in outweighing the unconditional existing values, resulting in nothing getting done in order to move positively forward in the relationship. (HELP!!!!)

Allow me to offer you some food for thought, in hopes of assisting you with approaching this distress call.

Okay, while bringing this portion of the blog to an end, meaning there's more to come in my development with your help. I will leave you with this. One factor I am willing to admit, is that the gradual, but sudden attraction in this relationship did not allow room for friendship to take place. Therefore, leading to why I need to "Let's Get Real About How I feel Right now". (Part I)

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